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30 Day Smoothie Challenge eBook

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GreenBlender's 30 Day Smoothie Challenge eBook is perfect for anyone looking for a health reset. 

This book has a simple idea: start your day with a healthy decision and let the rest follow.

The 30 Day Smoothie Challenge will take you through 4 weeks of easy and delicious smoothie recipes. Each week focusing on a new theme: back to basics, smoothies for energy, smoothies to reduce stress and smoothies for better skin.

Making small iterative changes leads to long lasting results. We're here to help.

What's inside the book:

Shopping lists:

A trip to the grocery store will never be this easy. We outline exactly what you will need to drink 7 smoothies a week with helpful meal replacement ideas.

Easy to follow recipes:

We selected 30 of our favorite smoothies and modified them to make it simple to drink your vegetables. All these recipes have been tested and approved to leave you feeling satisfied.

Bonus content:

We've compiled all our favorite smoothie content to help you make amazing smoothies. Learn about our favorite superfoods, how to naturally sweeten a smoothie and the best liquids to use with your blends. 

Upon purchase, the eBook will be emailed to you. 

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