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Pea Protein

$ 19.99

30 Day Supply of Pea Protein

The best part about unflavored pea protein is it can go into ANY smoothie without changing the taste. 

What you see is what you get with GreenBlender's pea protein powder. One ingredient, zero sugar and a whole lot of protein.

Made from yellow split peas, pea protein is gaining popularity for being another great hypoallergenic, plant based protein source.

Pea protein contains both essential and non essential amino acids, and is routinely GMO-free. The specific amino acids in pea protein are helpful to the digestive track lining, and becuase pea protein tends to be low fat, it's a great way to stay full between meals.

Ingredients: Organic Pea Protein Powder.

Allergy Information: Packaged in a facility that handles tree nuts.

Storage Information: Refrigeration not required. Store in a dark cool place.

Country of Origin: China

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