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Superfood Cereal

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In GreenBlender's continued mission to help make healthy choices simple and delicious, we rolled out three new superfood cereals using organic ingredients that are just as easy to make as our smoothies.

Each order comes with 2 individually bagged portions of cereal, for example if you select 1 order of oatmeal cookie cereal we will send you 2 single serve bags.

These are perfect for roadtrips, stocking up your office with healthy grab-and-go snacks or keeping them in your pantry for a quick, wholesome breakfast. 

Meet the Cereals:

Oatmeal Cookie - Cookies for breakfast? Yes! This cereal may taste sweet, but it’s actually high in fiber and protein, and low on sugar, which means your body will say “Hey, thanks!” and reward you with prolonged energy. Lucuma and cinnamon are both known for their anti-inflammatory properties, which means your complexion will thank you, too. Grab a spoon and treat yourself.

Berry Protein - Fuel your body and help your skin positively glow with this high protein, antioxidant-rich cereal. Who needs wrinkle cream when you’ve got resveratrol from mulberries, Omega-3s from pumpkin seeds, and a pop of anti-inflammatory goodness from maqui berry powder? Oh, and this naturally sweet cereal is also low in sugar - which means your energy will stay boosted all day long.

Cranberry Crunch - Who needs coffee when you’ve got this super blend? Oats and chia seeds are fantastic for creating sustained energy, cranberries and baobab powder add a dose of natural sweetness and skin-loving antioxidants, and walnuts have been scientifically studied for their uncanny ability to keep you full and satisfied. See ya, cravings. Hello, motivation.

Order the Variety Pack for 2 of each flavor!

Supplies are limited so order now!

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